Thermal Shock Chamber(Flapper)

Thermal Shock, Flapper

product name:Thermal Shock Chamber(Flapper)




product detail
Model AZTS 130S AZTS 320S
Power Supply AC 380V 50HZ 3 phase+N+PE
Maximum Current (A) 39 46
Maximum Power (KW) 22 25.5
Operation Environment ’+15~+35℃/≤85%RH
Type Three Zone, sample at fixed position
Temperature Zone Shift Flapper
Maximum Load Bearing 30kg 50kg
Flapper Transfer Time ’<10S
Performance*1 Temperature Range Cold Zone: -70℃~-10℃, Hot Zone: Amb+20℃~+180℃
Temperature Fluctuation Hot Zone: ±1% of set point or ±1℃, whichever is greater;Cold Zone: ±1℃;
Temperature Deviation ≤±2℃
Test condition with load for 15 minutes recovery time -55℃/+125℃ with 5kg IC board
Inspection Window Multilayer glasses with conducting film heating, size W300mmxH300mmx1
Controller System AZ-1000 controller integrated with Siemens S7 PLC
Temperature Control Mode Independent PID regulation of consecutive cooling and heating capacity
Condenser Air-cooled condenser Air-cooled condenser
Interior Capacity (L) 124 319
Interior Size W(mm) 580 700
D(mm) 510 700
H(mm) 420 650
Exterior Size W(mm) 1400 2740
D(mm) 1780 1700
H(mm) 1950 2450
Standard Configuration ● Castors
● Lighting
● USB interface and history data review and converting software
Optional Configuration ○ Cable port with silicon plug Φ25mm
○ Shelf
○ Water cooled condenser
○ Exterior socket 220V 10A
○ LAN interface and remote control software
○ Digital alarm input channels x 4
○ Auxiliary relay digital output channels x 4 (for specimens)
○ Additional temperature sampling channels x 1, for sampling temperature of test specimen;
data can be reviewed and recorded (T thermocouple)
○ Switching the test zone according to the test specimen temperature
○ Additional analog sampling channels x 4, sampling data can be reviewed and recorded;
(Option: PT100/T thermocouple/4~20mA/0~10V/-10V~10V)
○ Additional analog sampling channels x 8, sampling data can be reviewed and recorded;
(Option: PT100/T thermocouple/4~20mA/0~10V/-10V~10V)
○ Analog output channels x 3 (Setting high temperature/Setting low temperature/Measured temperature)
○ Compressed dry air purging system
*1: All the above specifications are measured at +25℃ room temperature and the sensors are installed at blow-out of air conditioning unit;