Vacuum Test Chamber


product name:Vacuum Test Chamber




product detail
Vacuum chamber can simulation the altitude, temperature and humidity environment.
The regular controlled pressure up to 1 mbar;
Special chamber can reach the pressure of 0.1Pa;
Temperature is controlled by heat radiation under low pressure.

Model*1 AZVAT(H)150U AZVAT(H)500U AZVAT(H)1000U
Power Supply AC 380V 50HZ 3 phase+N+PE
Maximum Current (AZVAT/AZVATH) (A) 21/21 30/37 33/40
Maximum Power (AZVAT/AZVATH) (KW) 9.5/11 16.5/18 18/21
Operation Environment +15~+35℃/≤85%RH
Control Mode Independent PID regulation of consecutive cooling and heating capacity
Performance*3 Temperature Range -70℃~+100℃*4
Relative Humidity Range +15℃~+85℃ 20%~95%RH
Dew Point Range +4℃~+84℃
Temperature Fluctuation ≤±0.5℃
Temperature Uniformity ≤2℃
Temperature Deviation ≤±2℃
Humidity Deviation ≤±3%RH
Heating Rate*2 2.5℃/min 2.5℃/min 2℃/min
Cooling Rate*2 1.8℃/min 1.8℃/min 2℃/min
Pressure Range 1Bar ~ 10 mBar
Pressure Fluctuation ≤±2Kpa(100KPa~40KPa )
Evacuation Time
From atmospheric pressure to 10 mBar
Within 15 minutes Within 24 minutes Within 30 minutes
Inspection Window Multilayer glasses with conducting film heating, size W300mmxH300mm
Controller System AZ-1000 controller integrated with Siemens S7 PLC
Condenser Water-cooled condenser
Exterior Humidifying Water Supply Manually water supply to humidification water tank or self feeding by town water
Humidifying Water Recycling Multistage water purification device and water recycling, reducing water consumption
Interior Capacity (L) 150 544 1040
Interior Size W(mm) 600 800 1010
D(mm) 500 800 1010
H(mm) 500 850 1020
Exterior Size W(mm) 960 1200 1430
D(mm) 2640 2885 3455
H(mm) 1900 2490 2290
Standard Configuration ● Cable port with flange Φ50mmx1
● Internal lighting
● One shelf
● Air cooled condenser
● USB interface and history data review and converting software
Optional Configuration ○ Cable port with flange Φ50mm/Φ100mm
○ Additional shelves
○ Water cooled condenser
○ Exterior socket 220V 10A
○ LAN interface and remote control software
○ Thermoregulation of internal walls when pressure lower than 30Kap, temprature range within -70℃~+80℃;
○ Remote integration control for multi chambers
○ Digital alarm input channels x 4
○ Auxiliary relay digital output channels x 4 (for specimens)
○ Additional analog sampling channels x 4, sampling data can be reviewed and recorded;
(Option: PT100/T thermocouple/4~20mA/0~10V/-10V~10V)
○ Additional analog sampling channels x 8, sampling data can be reviewed and recorded;
(Option: PT100/T thermocouple/4~20mA/0~10V/-10V~10V)
○ Analog output channels x 6 (Setting temperature/Setting humidity/Setting pressure/
Measured temperature/Measured humidity/Measured pressure)
○ Exterior analog input channels control temperature, humidity and pressure;
(Option: 4~20mA,0~10V, -10V~10V)
○ ompressed dry air purging system
○ Temperature control on test specimen
*1: AZVAT modle has no humidity control function;
*2: Average speed between highest and lowest temperature(without load and heat dissipation according to IEC60068-3-5);
*3: All the above specifications are measured at +25℃ room temperature and the sensors are installed at blow-out of air conditioning unit;
*4: Temperature controllable with pressure from 30KPa to 1Bar;