-Zundar Technology 增达科技
Company Profile
        Shanghai Zundar Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading high-tech manufacturer with more than twenty years ’experience in climatic simulation industry; based on comprehensive and professional refrigeration and air conditioning technology from Shanghai Zundar, combined with the cutting-edge control strategy and quality assurance procedures from Europe, we are dedicated to provide reliable, energy-saving climatic chambers with excellent performance to customers all over the world;
        We provide a wide range of climatic simulation testing equipment to satisfy different test requirements of various customers; our standard production line is quite popular and cost-effective on the market, including: climate test chamber, environmental stress screening climatic chamber, high temperature oven, thermal shock chamber, salt corrosion chamber, dust chamber and rain chamber; in addition to standard products, we can also produce a variety of sophisticated chambers according to special customer requirements and customized design, including vacuum test chamber, extremely low temperature test chamber, IR simulation chamber, full spectrum solar simulation chamber, walk-in climate test chamber, drive-in climate test chamber, chassis dynamometer climate chamber, air-bag deployment chamber, vehicle cold start chamber, climatic &vibration integrated chamber, VOC inspection chamber, four poster climatic chamber, MAST system climatic chamber and wind tunnel;
        In Zundar, employee and customer satisfaction is our top priority; we value cooperation, integrity and passion, we keep striving for excellence; benefitting from modern ERP management platform, aim at providing leading technology, best quality, reasonable price and excellent service, more and more customers around the world have established a stable and mutually beneficial relationship with us; at present, our products are widely recognized in automotive, aerospace, military, electronic communication, chemical& pharmacy, research institute, battery and independent calibration authority; And we are also devoted to photo-electricity, photovoltaic and solar energy industry.