-Zundar Technology 增达科技
Drive-in Climatic Chamber
Drive-in climatic chamber are widely used in automotive industry, testing facility, defense, aerospace and aeronautics areas.
This serious of product is high reliable under wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.
Operators can enter the chamber to manipulate the large size DUT.
Prefabricated panels are used for easy transportation and installation.
Customized product to meet the real demand from customer.
Ideal air circulation to guarantee the best temperature humidity uniformity inside chamber.
State of art refrigeration technology to save the power consumption and lift-time cost.
Main performance
Temperature range: -70 ℃ ~150℃, 
Humidity range: 10% ~98%RH;
Test standard: PV2005, PV1200, PV2205, PV2206, PR303.5,PR308.2, DBL5471 4.1.2, etc.