-Zundar Technology 增达科技
Drive-in Solar Simulation
 Full-Spectrum solar simulation chamber is used for the laboratory acceleration wreathing test for parts and vehicle.
It can hugely shorten the test circle, from2 years of natural exposure to only 1 month.
The shape, color, gloss, mechanical strength and thermal expansion of DUT will be evaluated after test.
Test Standard: MIL-STD-810, DIN75220, BMW PR306
Temperature range: -40 ℃ ~100℃, 
Humidity range: 10% ~75%RH under solar radiation;
Mulita-variable control by irradiance, DUT temperature or black-body temperature;
Metal halogen lamps to match the natural solar spectrum.
High precision EPS to ensure the stability output of lamps and extend the lifetime.
Vertical movement system, automatic positioning system and projecting angle adjustable system is available for different test purpose.
Blubs can be easily replace by the special design of lampshade.
Automatic calibration system for irradiance uniformity.